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On Me:

Hat // PanelHat. Space

Glasses // (W) *MESH* Ferrah Frames

Earrings // J U D A S ::: THE REVOLUTION “Chanel” Earrings (Gold)

Gun Necklace // [7891.] AK Necklace – Gold

Necklace // [7891.] Vation Necklace – Gold

Ring // [7891.] Money Hungry Ring

Sweater // BumKidSweater[M]PoloSkate

Jeans // [m] – Derrick Skinnies – Black

Shoes // [Z3] 12s Playoffs

On Dante:

Beanie: Space:Triple D Beanie Grey

Glasses: ::::LP::: Hypster Glasses (Black)

Chain: [7891.] Creed – Gold

Watch: :Space Casio Data Watch

Ring: [H] Gold Mustache Ring

Shirt: ::FT:: Gray Dramatic Cross Crewneck

Belt: Bless- BALMAIN- Leather Belt V.2.

Pants: [NOIR] – Axl Chinos – Black

Shoes: [Z3] 12s Cool Grey


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